Greetings from the Founder

ICP|The Institute for Clinical Psychoanalysis



     ICP was established in 2007 in a hope of integrating traditional and contemporary psychoanalytic perspectives for healing mission in Korea.  ICP tries to coincide with International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies (IFPS) and International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) by observing a three times per week and more model for training analysis and control cases.


  ICP adopts two disciplines in offering psychoanalytic training.  They are integrative and interdisciplinary.  Integrative means that ICP tries to integrate many the psychoanalytic theories and practices beginning from psychodynamics to contemporary interpersonal, intersubjective, and relational psychoanalysis on top of neuroscience.  ICP is also open to expand its healing horizon to non psychoanalytic disciplines to bring practical healing to our patients.  It is called interdisciplinary by which it means that non psychoanalytic disciplines can be included, from such as, liberal arts, science, sociology, econonics, neuroscience, arts, literatures, music, spirituality, and religion, ect.


   ICP is continuously putting its efforts to share Korean experiences in collaboration with international associations in psychoanalysis, such as IFPS and IPA. And what’s even more encouraging is that ICP is now officially a government accredited institute that can issue a registered civil certificate of psychoanalysis.


     ICP is a psychoanalytic training institute that is designed to help the people of good hearted so that they become professionally confident enough psychoanalysts.  Transforming the daily life good hearted people into professionally well tuned healers goes parallel with a psychoanalytic procedure that is to make the unconscious conscious.  


     ICP will continuously dedicate to its mission that is to offering healing mission to the nation that is broken and divided.  ICP will choose to dedicate to share our psychoanalytic idealism in collaboration with international level of associations.  We will grow together by putting us in continuing education and training so that contemporary healing disciplines can be updated for our patients.  


     So, welcome all who have small dreams.  We will make your dreams big and come true.  


     Thanks and Best


Founder SungHo Kim PhD, LP, NCPsyA