ICP|The Institute for Clinical Psychoanalysis

  Thank you for visiting the Institute for Clinical Psychoanalysis (ICP) in Korea. 

  I became a psychoanalyst through the psychoanalyst training course here at the foundation of the ICP in 2007. I was able to find the answers to the questions that I had about clinical practice regarding the human mind and healing. I was fortunate to receive psychoanalytic training at ICP, which includes comprehensive theory and experience while it was still hard to find a way to become a psychoanalyst in Korea.


  ICP is establishing a Korean model for psychoanalysis through various academic activities by offering psychoanalytic training that meets international standards. Particularly, ICP puts emphasis on providing a curriculum for students and alumni so they can obtain skills and the identity as clinical psychoanalysts.

It is a long and hard road to becoming a psychoanalyst. Even so, if you choose this path, you will find happiness in your life as you heal your own life and others.


  ICP will work with you to help you become a clinical psychoanalyst.



한국임상정신분석연구소ICP 소장 Executive Director 김태완 ICPsyA