Board Members and Management Committee

ICP|The Institute for Clinical Psychoanalysis

Founder/Representative of Corporative BodyFounder and President

Benedict SungHo Kim




Board Membersthe Board of the Trustees

Kang, GyeWon

Suh, SangBong




Executive DirectorExecutive Director

Lee, EunKyung




Co-Executive Directorco-Executive Director





Assistant DirecotrAssociate Dean

Kim, TaeWan

Shin, WonIl




Program DirectorsProgram Directors

Treatment Program : Paek, KyungHee

1 Year Introductory Program : Choi, JeongHee

Public Education : Kim, YangJa

Academic Forum : Lee, HyunAh

Remote Training Program : Shin, WonIl

Group Psychoanalysis Training Program : Kim, TaeWan

Translation/Publication : Park, Yong-lan, Park, HyeWon




Office Manager

Lee, YoungJoo