International Exchange and Collaboration

ICP|The Institute for Clinical Psychoanalysis

     No matter how well you do, it would be hard to maintain your life and to have healthy relationships with individuals, organizations, the community, and the country if you do not have appropriate interactions with the world around you. In pursuit of the goal of fostering “Korean clinical psychoanalysts,” ICP (formerly PIP) has been collaborating with domestic and international organizations, institutes, and schools that have lots of years of experience and standards to build the foundation of clinical psychoanalysis.

For this, to provide traditional but, at the same time, modernized training that meets the guideline of the NAAP (National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis, and the ABAP (American Board for Accreditation of Psychoanalysis, located in New York, USA, among many American and European psychoanalyst organizations, ICP is producing clinically specialized psychoanalytic consultants, psychoanalytic professionals, and psychoanalysts. Particularly, based on the attitude of Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, “Modern and Contemporary Freudian Psychoanalysis, Integrative” is the identity of the training, research, and clinical practice of the institute, to integrate different theories for practical clinical applications.


     Currently, ICP is an official member training organization of the United States’ NAAP and an official member of SMP (Society of Modern Psychoanalysts). So far, we have produced many psychoanalytic counselors and specialists in Korea since January 2015, when we produced the first psychoanalysts. Also, we are conducting training and academic exchanges in close cooperation with several psychoanalysts in New York. In addition, we are working to develop a degree program for psychoanalysis and interdisciplinary research with psychoanalysis and other disciplines. With these, we can lay a foundation for Korean clinical psychoanalysis in academics, which is also an important aspect of the exchange and collaboration that ICP pursues.


     ICP will strive to become an institute that can contribute to Korea’s spiritual culture and international psychoanalytic societies by continuing and expanding international exchange and collaboration and reflecting on their achievements and limitations thus far.