ICP|The Institute for Clinical Psychoanalysis
M1001. Infancy: Conception through second Year of life
M1002. Oedipal Stage, Latency through Puberty
M1003. Adolescence
M1004. Young Adulthood, Middle and Senior Years



H1001. History: Freud before 1920
H1002. History: Freud after 1920
H1003. History: Ego Psychology
H1004. History: Object Relations Theory
H1005. History: Modern Psychoanalysis
H1006. History: Self Psychology
H1007. History: Intersubjective and Relational Psychoanalysis



T1001. Core Concepts and techniques in Psychoanalysis
T1002. Transference and Resistance
T1003. Countertransference and Countertransference-Resistancez
T1004. Psychoanalytic Understanding of Anxieties
T1005. Interpretation of Dreams
T1006. The Preoedipal Personality : Narcissism and aggression
T1007. The Role of Unconscious Fantasy in Symptom Formation and Behavior
T1008. Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience



C1001. Psychopathology and Diagnosis
C1002. Psychopathology : Severe Personality Disorders
C1003. Modern Psychoanalytic Intervention Strategy
C1004. Modern Psychoanalytic Group Theory and Technique
C1005. Sociocultural Issues in Psychoanalysis
C1006. Professional Ethics in Psychoanalytic Practice
C1007. Schizophrenia
C1008. Narcissistic Personality Disorder
C1009. Borderline Personality Disorder
C1010. Depression and Manic-depression
C1011. Schizoid Personality Disorder
C1012. Obsessive Personality Disorder
C1013. Dissociative Personality Disorder and PTSD
C1014. Neurosis and Interpretation
C1015. Psychoanalytic understanding on violence and suicide
C1016. Addiction
C1017. Somatization
C1018. Marriage and Family Therapy



논문(RESEARCH) : 3과목
R1001 Psychoanalytic Research Methodology and Research Proposal Writing
R1002 Data Collections, Findings, and Discussion
R1003 Individual research mentoring



E1001. Symbolic Communication, Dreams and Fantasy
E1002. Play and Expressive Therapy
E1003. Child and Adolescent Treatment
E1004. The Care and Feeding of the Psychoanalyst
E1005. Clinical Studies in Gender and Sexuality
E1006. Spirituality and Psychoanalysis
E1007. Psychoanalysis and Asian Wisdom
E1008. Two Streams in Psychoanalysis
E1009. Attachment Theory
E1010. Psychoanalysis and Pharmacy
E1011. Reading Psychoanalytic Articles
E1012. Contemporary Kleinians in London
E1013. Seminars on Impossible Cases
E1014. Dealing with Impasse
E1015. Framing and Openness
E1016. Schizoid Phenomena
E1017. Psychoanalytic Hermeneutics
E1028. Interpretation and Its Application from Modern Psychoanalytic Perspectives
E1029. Affective Neuroscience
E1030. Modern Conflict Theory
E1031. Freud’s Classical Cases
E1032. Treatment of Narcissistic Neurosis
E1033. Psychoanalytic treatment as a mode of psychotherapy
E1034. Emotional Communication
E1035. Creative Reading
E1036. Melanie Klein
E1037. W. Bion
E1038. Donald Winnicott
E1039. William Meissner
E1040. Harold Searles
E1041. Thomas H. Ogden
E1042. Otto F. Kernberg
E1043. Structures of Subjectivity and Relationality on Stephen Mitchell
E1044. Sexuality and Gender Identity
E1045. Reading Seligmann




커리큘럼 3.0 과목 구성에 있어 고려된 사항들


1. 기존 커리큘럼 2.0에서 t1002. core concept of modern psychoanalysis는 커리큘럼 3.0에서 H1005. history: modern psychoanalysis과목으로 대체 인정받을 수 있습니다. 새롭게 포함되는 h1005는 다른 역사영역과 마찬가지로, 해당 분석분야의 형성, 이론, 임상실제, 현대적 전망 등을 종합적으로 다룹니다.


2. 2.0에서 dissociative personality disorder와 ptsd가 따로 떨어져 있었는데, 정신분석적으로 다루어야 할 내용의 초점상 하나로 통합되는 것이 바람직하다고 생각되어, 3.0에서는 두 과목의 특징을 하나로 담아 c1013. dissociative personality disorder and ptsd로 통합하였습니다.


3. 기존 2.0에서 c1019로 임상영역에 추가되었던 Neurosis and Interpretation은 C1014로 번호만 바뀌어 변동없이 진행됩니다.


4. 3.0의 이론 영역에서 T1004가 새롭게 구성되어 Anxiety를 중심으로 정신분석 역사 전반의 흐름을 이해해 보는 Psychoanalytic Understanding of Anxieties로 진행됩니다.


5. 각 이론가별 이해도를 더 세밀하고 깊게 하는 것을 목적으로 선택과목 영역의 역할에 이론가별 탐구의 성격이 부여됩니다. 이에 따라 주요한 이론가들의 이론들을 집중적으로 탐구하는 과목들이 계속 개설되어 갈 것입니다.