Group Psychoanalyst (GPA) / Group Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist (GPP) Course

ICP|The Institute for Clinical Psychoanalysis

Group Psychoanalyst (GPA) / Group Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist (GPP) Course


* Program Guide


     ICP has clinical psychoanalysis with a client-centered view while being open-minded and having a continuously open attitude towards modern and contemporary Freudian orthodox psychoanalysis. ICP has major theory classes, group participation, and group supervision courses for psychological counseling professionals who provide psychological counseling or psychotherapy to those suffering from various psychiatric illnesses so they can conduct group analyses of psychoanalytic approaches. We hope that you will have an impact on psychological counseling and psychotherapy as group psychoanalysts and group psychoanalytic therapists through participation in this course.



1. Who Should Take This Course

* Group Psychoanalyst: GPA
1) Anyone who is interested in a group psychoanalysis, among those who are in educational or clinical activities and have acquired the same qualifications as a doctoral degree or higher, who hold other institutional qualifications in psychological counseling or psychotherapy
2) Anyone who is interested in a group psychoanalysis among those who acquired psychoanalytic qualifications and is in education or clinical activities, is a ICP institute graduate


* Group Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist: GPP
1) Anyone who is in clinical practice for psychotherapeutic counseling or psychotherapy and has other qualifications and is interested in group psychoanalytic therapy
2) Anyone who is interested in group psychoanalytic therapy among those who have earned the same qualifications or higher than a master’s degree in psychological counseling or psychotherapy
3) ICP trainee who is interested in group psychoanalytic therapy



2. Courses (36 credits or more)

A student must take the group training (at least 3 classes) after taking the PC training course (36 credits) for ICP.



3. Group Participation Session and Group Supervision Session

1) Group Participation and Supervision: 4 times per year (summer/winter term and regular spring/fall semester)
2) 2 hours every day for 2 weeks in summer/winter term. Total 10 sessions(20 hours).
    One week intensive sessions during regular spring/fall semester (time can be changed depending on the situation)
3) Group Participation: 2 hours per session. 40 sessions. Total at least 80 hours
4) Group Supervision: 2 hours per session. 20 sessions. Total at least 40 hours



4. Notes for Participating in Group Analysis Expert / Group Analyst Courses

1) A student must take the required courses in order to understand the purpose of ICP when participating in the Group Psychoanalyst / Group Psychoanalysis course. The course is conducted like other regular courses.
2) A Group Psychoanalyst / Group Psychoanalytic Therapist certificate is awarded after completing main theories + group lessons (3 courses) + group participation + group supervision courses.

3) After obtaining the Group Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist (GPP) certificate, the certificate holder must finish 20 hours of group analysis and 10 hours of group analysis supervision every two years.



5. If you have any questions about the group analyst process, please contact the Korean Psychological Analysis Institute or the Group Expert Director.