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Anyone can sign up as a member on the website. Then, you can take the desired courses after applying. For more information, please contact the ICP Office of Clinical Psychoanalysis Research Institute, Korea (02-743-4313 /





For those who are interested in the training courses (PC, PP, and PA) offered by ICP, consult the dean after submitting the application form and fee. Please contact us at ICP office for inquiries on details.


We welcome any inquiry from those interested in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic training.
Contact: 02-743-4313/ (ICP Office)



Applications for Each Training Course


After entering the school, students are required to submit their application by clicking on the following application. Students can continue psychoanalytic training by fulfilling their responsibilities as a trainee (taking at least one theoretics class per semester/participating in Treatment Service Supervision in spring or fall semesters/personal training analysis/personal clinical supervision).
Throughout the course, please apply for a leave of absence if you will not be able to fulfill your responsibilities as a student for a certain period of time (there may be a disadvantage to the application for examination for each course if you do not apply for a leave of absence and cannot fulfill the responsibilities), you may apply to take classes again when you wish to resume training.

Once you finish each training course (PC/PP), please fill out the application below to advance to the next level.

If you do not want to pursue the next level training course once you finish each course, of if you do not submit the application for the next level training course, you will automatically become a degree candidate student for the course.