What is psychoanalytic counseling?

ICP|The Institute for Clinical Psychoanalysis

     We are very busy and struggling in modern society, which lacks comfort and communication. We are forced to be productive, show high performance, and be fit for adaptation and survival. We often suffer from severe anxiety, psychological wounds, and weaknesses in many relationships and realities. Psychoanalysis/psychoanalytic counseling is a comprehensive term that covers psychoanalytic healing through the process of resolving the pains and struggles of the mind, analysts and clients together. This journey is a process of change for the healing of psychological wounds and growth. Psychoanalysis is usually conducted by psychoanalysis professionals or counselors who received training for psychoanalysis. Sessions for at least three times a week can be regarded as psychoanalytic psychotherapy or counseling.


     ICP’s psychoanalytic counseling program uses a wide variety of concurrent psychoanalytics theories and techniques, including target relationship theory, ego psychology, self psychology, relational psychoanalysis, modern psychoanalysis, attachment theory, intersubjectivity, and neuropsychoanalysis in addition to the classical Freudian theory and methodology. A counselor and a client in counseling are headed towards a common goal of psychological healing and growth with the guidance of theories and techniques. Furthermore, unique relational interaction and the analytical relationship between an analyst and a client are the foundation of analytical healing and growth beyond theories and techniques.